Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the brand new website for the Lion & Key Hotel, rated by customers as one of the best-value hotels in London.

Lavishly illustrated throughout, the website allows you to see exactly what you’ll be getting by booking at the Lion & Key. You can examine everything from the exterior to views of individual rooms, or go on a virtual tour of the hotel.

You’ll be greeted on the Homepage with a brief description of what we offer, plenty of images and easy links to every part of the site. And we’re confident enough about our customer ratings to put them upfront, broken down into a breakdown of scores. A link takes you to a page that gives complete reviews — even the very rare bad ones.

About Us is just what it says — an explanation of where the hotel is, the rooms and facilities we offer, nearby transport and an overview of some of the things you can easily do while staying at the Lion & Key.

The Rooms page offers links to descriptions of the three types of room we offer. Besides descriptions of the furnishings and facilities, each type is well illustrated, so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

Every page has plenty of images, but on the Gallery page you can see absolutely everything. We show you the exterior and interior, and everything in the rooms from the beds and bathrooms to the complimentary toiletries and even the TV remote. If this isn’t enough, you can go on a Virtual Tour, exploring the lobby and the street outside, as well as various specific rooms.

The Things to See page offers some tips on what you can enjoy while staying at the Lion & Key Hotel, both locally in the Leyton and Stratford area and in Central London. We’ll be regularly updating our Latest News to give a wide range of news and tips our customers will find useful.

The Contact Us page, of course, gives our phone number and email address (which also appear on every page of the site) and you’re welcome to book that way, but an important feature of the new website is that you can now book directly online. Just click the link in the top right-hand corner of any page, fill in the dates and number of people, and you’ll be taken straight to the booking page. It couldn’t be easier.

And, whether or not you want to book right away, you can sign up for our mailing list. Either way, we look forward to seeing you soon.